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About Us

BSN BIERSIN exists as an independent Company since 1985. The first chairman of our co-operative Company was Antoni Maślanka. He made a huge, personal input to building material resources of the Company. In 1999 the Company had its new chairman, Jarosław Powązka, MSc, connected with the Company since its beginnings. The recent years of the Company’s functioning is a period of dynamic market position establishment and company image improvement through introducing marketing management strategy.

In the beginning we were producing electric cords for sewing machines like Łucznik or Singer. Now we produce plug-in cords, both single and double, wire harnesses as well as install extenders and other electrical equipment. Our regular business partners are among others Fagor factories in Wrocław and Spain, Lestar, Sonel and LG.

For plug-in cords production we use wires manufactured by renowned companies like NKT, Telefonika, Texsim or Simech.


Our goals:

    • To satisfy our clients by giving them the best quality products always on time
    • To be reliable and have good reputation based on our uninterruptedly functioning since year 1985
    • To constantly improve our employees’ skills
    • To modernize our technology and methods of production

To be well recognized in Polish and European market

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