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PFRON contribution reduction — who can benefit

Companies that have at least 25 full-time employment positions and employ less than 6% disabled persons are obligated to contribute monthly payments to National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund (PFRON). This may be serious finance burden for individual employers. But you can use a profitable solution by cooperationg with us:

Our Company is a registered Supported Employment Enterprise and has the right to provide PFRON contribution reductions in 2013 and following years.

This is really profitable — numbers are certain!

The PFRON contribution reduction rate thanks to cooperation with us was 10,05 up to 22,66% last year! Medium reduction rate in 2012 was 13,12%.

December 2012 rate was 22,66%.

By buying products or services from our Company amounting to 10,000zł net, buyer received PFRON contribution reduction in total 2,266zł.

The condition of receiving reduction is to make payment for product or service on time. The date of the payment is date of the buyer’s bank account charge on the transfer order.
Legal basis:
Art. 22 „Ustawy o rehabilitacji zawodowej i społecznej oraz zatrudnieniu osób niepełnosprawnych” z dn. 27 sierpnia 1997r (Dz.U. Nr. 123/97 poz. 776 z późniejszymi zmianami).