Short history

Goalball is a team sport for blind and visually impaired persons. It was designed in 1946 in order to improve the ways of rehabilitation of the World War II blind veterans. goalball


The game is played on the field with dimensions 9×18 m. The match lasts for 20 minutes and takes place in absolute silence. The team consists of 6 players (three starting players and three substitutes). The court is divided into two halves: every half includes three sections: team area, landing zone and neutral zone. The ball weights 1.25 kg, its circumference is 76 cm and it has 4 holes. The best players can throw the ball with the speed up to 80 km/h! Inside the ball there are noise bells; their sound helps the players to locate the ball. The gate is situated along the entire width of the court (9 m) and its height is 1.30m. The lines of the court, zone boundaries and additional lines in the team area (see photos) are made by placing tape over lengths of twine; it enables the players to get orientation on the court. During the match the coach can’t communicate with players, nor enter the court area (he can do it only during one of the three breaks that last for 45 sec.). Every team can make up to three substitutes. The aim of the play is winning possibly many scores.

Goalball worldwide

There are Goalball World Championships, European Championships and Championships of Poland. Since 1976 it has been a paralympic sport and the first official olympic team sport for blind and visually impaired persons.

Goalball in Poland – Bierutów

Championships of Poland are played in two or three tournaments. The team from Bierutów, which has been supported by us all the time, has on its account among others the title of Poland’s Champion from 2010 and at present it is Poland’s vice champion. We have excellent players that are selected to be members of Polish national squad and take part in national squad’s training camps.

All persons who are interested in goalball are invited to come to the trainings that take place twice a week in the „OKiS” gym in Bierutów, ul. Krasińskiego 3 (except summer holidays – training break):
Tuesdays 17:30 – 19:00 o’clock
Saturdays 17:30 – 19:30 o’clock

The trainings are conducted by Stefan Skocki – coach and Dariusz Wilczyński – coach assistant.